Refinement of the 3D model

Even with high-quality 3D scanning, problems arise with the model due to deterioration or flaws in the object. Refinement of 3D-models helps to remove polygonal holes and noise, to make the intersections of edges more accurate.

3D model refinement is a correction, as well as refinement of the details of a 3D model in order to eliminate errors or to prepare the device for production after prototyping.

Why do you need to refine 3D models

  • if inaccuracies are found in the 3D model after creating a production prototype;
  • to fix errors in an already finished model;
  • to improve the quality of the model after 3D scanning.


3D printing

The model must meet all requirements for correct production on a 3D printer. She must be good quality and in STL format. An important factor in successful production is aligned normals (vectors), the absence of open polygons and broken typology. Complex and large objects should be separated into separate simple geometric shapes for more accurate printing. If the object needs to be produced in several colors, each a fragment of a different color should be developed separately

Refinement of 3D models for casting

Model requirements differ depending on the type of production.

Modification of models for 3D scanning

Even with high quality 3D scanning there are problems with the model due to deterioration or flaws in the object. Refinement of 3D models helps put away polygonal holes and noises, do intersections faces more accurate


Drawing up the technical assignment

The tasks for finalizing the 3D model are being refined. In accordance with them, the work plan … The price and terms are being specified. Responsible for the execution of the work are appointed. As a result, subscribes the contract

Making adjustments and corrections to finalize the 3D model

The adjustment depends on the type of tasks and production. It is possible to make improvements to an already finished model. If there are many errors in the 3D model that was submitted for processing to KLONA specialists, it will be better and much cheaper to redo it from scratch. How to do it see here

Order the revision of the 3D model from KLONA.
We will prepare the product for production, correct errors, and bring the model to perfection after scanning.
Our specialists have many years of experience in the engineering field.

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