Development of the body of a new device

Professional employees of the company will make cases for devices of various designs. Every equipment manufacturer needs an interesting eye-catching design of the instrument case, our designers know how to attract the client, and will create a completely unique case design for your instrument.

The body is an important element of any device; when choosing a device, the buyer first of all turns his attention to the body. Domestic developers of devices now have the opportunity to directly place an order for housings of various designs. We offer services for manufacturing of enclosures in Ukraine at an affordable price.

Corpus creation

Manufacturing of plastic enclosures a high-tech process, it is implemented on modern equipment. Turning to our company, you will receive a product that is suitable for your products in all respects. Our company has been operating in Ukraine for several years, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of cases of various types. Manufacturers using the services of the company receive high quality cases that are ideal for devices. Experienced specialists will take into account all the features of the device for which the case is made.

Case design

Professional employees of the company will make cases for devices various designs. Every hardware manufacturer needs an interesting, eye-catching design instrument cases , our designers know how to attract a client, and will create a completely unique design enclosures for your device. The task of our designers is to find out the target audience for which the manufacturer of the device is oriented, after which the professionals will create a design that will certainly attract the attention of people.

Case design
corpus design
building a corps


Stages of manufacturing plastic enclosures

For making the case from plastic you will need to find out all the parameters of the device in order to create the correct shape of the case. It is especially important to consider the design instrument cases. The most difficult process in manufacture of enclosures plastic molding is considered. The production of cases should be carried out by real professionals who have extensive experience in working with plastic. The professional team of our company is considered one of the best in Ukraine, each employee is a certified specialist. Correct design in accordance with all the parameters of the device avoids defects and manufacturing defects, which significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing tooling.

One of the main mistakes made by electronics developers is designing the case after the filling is complete. It is difficult for a designer and constructors to choose an advantageous solution, which may lead to an increase in dimensions, ergonomics and the appearance of the device will suffer. If you carry out a sequential development of the filling and body, you will launch the device into production much later, in contrast to the parallel development.

Our experts will advise you and help you find a profitable solution that will ideally fit the device. Manufacturing of plastic enclosures goes through four stages:

  1. connection of body parts;
  2. application of inscriptions;
  3. keyboard production;
  4. LED indicator output.

The process of joining plastic parts

ABS parts are fastened with self-tapping screws. The fastening with self-tapping screws can be disassembled no more than 10 times. If the product is of serial production, then self-tapping screws may already be used in production. For insurance, several additional self-tapping screws are introduced for each connection.

The screw connection is very strong and reliable, this type of connection allows multiple mounting, ensures a good connection. The screws can be used even for the most fragile materials.

The cheapest fastening method is the latch. Effective mounting method housings of devices. A high-quality latch will hold the plastic products together for a long time and securely.

building a corps
corps for rea
case design Ukraine

Lettering on the case

With the help of silk-screen printing, inscriptions are applied to plastic products. A profitable and effective way to apply any type of inscription on a plastic flat surface. If you need to write on another surface, use pad printing. Is pad printing more expensive in the price? but the quality is much higher than silk-screen printing.

Manufacturing of plastic forms

Manufacturing of plastic cases takes place on special equipment. The shape is given with the help of a press. The molten plastic is injected into a special cavity, after which it is cooled.


The most popular and quality material for manufacturing of plastic cases considered ABS. Good performance has made the material an integral part of the production of plastic housings for various types of devices.

Our company will produce the highest quality plastic cases at an affordable price. We guarantee that in the end you will receive enclosures that are fully compatible with the manufactured electrical devices. When ordering enclosures from us, you purchase products from a domestic manufacturer, and you will also be able to control the entire process of manufacturing enclosures.