3D-modeling of the device body. Industrial imaging

Modern 3D modeling and visualization makes it possible for the designer-developer to carry out the design and get a prototype in a short time, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the peculiarities of the production of cases. Before the start of the manufacture of the mold, he can present a real industrial prototype to the customer for approval.

Why do you need 3D modeling for the manufacture of the device case

Modern development of new products is impossible without 3d modeling and visualization … This technology will allow to establish production of enclosures for these products in a short time and significantly reduce the cost of their development. We offer a brief analysis of the features and benefits 3d modeling and visualization.

Today’s ever-growing competition in the production of relatively small cabinet products forces developers to pay more attention not only to functionality, but also to appearance. The new product must function reliably and look presentable. The modern market also dictates the condition that the device should have a relatively low cost. This means that it is necessary to create a product of a compact type so that the minimum allowable amount of materials is spent on its manufacture. And the main thing is that the device should appear on the market as soon as possible. This will ensure the timely filling of the planned niche of this product in the market.

Modern requirements for the production of enclosures

When mastering production of enclosures For any modern device, a development engineer needs to solve several issues:

  • the device must have a presentable appearance;
  • its design must ensure reliable functioning;
  • choose the right material for its body, which will help create a durable and lightweight product;
  • maximum compliance with modern ergonomic requirements.
  • Modern polymer materials make it possible to manufacture light and durable instrument cases of any complexity. But production of enclosures from plastic requires a mold. The manufacture of a forming tool that ensures a presentable product in a short time will help to ensure 3d modeling and visualization

3D modeling of the case will allow:

  • visually see the implementation of all design ideas of the designer-developer;
  • provides an opportunity to get a prototype at the stage of development production of cases;
  • realistically assess the degree of compliance of the product with technical requirements;
  • visually check the presentability of the case, the effectiveness of the color and design solutions;
  • make all the necessary adjustments in a matter of minutes.

3D modeling of the body of a new device greatly simplifies:

  • optimal arrangement of the constituent elements;
  • determination of the thickness of its walls;
  • selection of the original shape of the outer surface of the product;
  • determination of the option of attractiveness of color and design solutions;
  • the layout of the application of the necessary logos and inscriptions;
  • take into account all the functional features of the new device.

Advantages of 3D body modeling

The body of any device is basically an element of the supporting structure. Almost all blocks are placed on its inner surface, ensuring reliable operation of the product.

Therefore, the designer-developer needs to optimally position various load-bearing partitions, openings for control buttons and connectors, elements to strengthen the rigidity and reduce the weight of the case. All this must be done before starting the manufacture of the mold. Since the slightest mistake in the layout can lead to significant costs associated with reworking the forming tool.

Modern 3d modeling and visualization enables the designer-developer in a short time to complete the design and get a prototype taking into account all the wishes of the customer and features production of enclosures … Before the start of the manufacture of the mold, he can present a real industrial prototype to the customer for approval.

3D modeling give a chance:

  1. Conduct operational testing of a new product. The developed 3D model makes it possible to evaluate the ease of use and functionality of the new housing of the device before launching the device into production.
  2. The prototype of the product body, created on the basis of a 3D model, perfectly demonstrates the new device. Visually represents the real appearance of the future product.
  3. Result 3d modeling can be used to test consumer demand for these products with minimal financial investment.
development of a 3d-model of the case
3d-modeling of the device body
3d-model of the device case to order

Этапы 3д моделирования

3D modeling technology provides for the mandatory performance of several operations:

  • obtaining a drawing of the case;
  • creation of a 3D model of a new product;
  • production of visual prototype ;
  • a thorough analysis of the resulting 3D model for compliance with the technical requirements for the product;
  • coordination of its appearance and functionality with the customer;
  • prompt implementation, if necessary, of all corrections to the prototype.

Effective 3D modeling and visualization at KLONA

KLONA specialists perform 3D modeling and visualization at a high professional level.

All designer-developers have extensive experience in design solutions when building 3D models. Therefore, we provide an opportunity to get acquainted with industrial prototype before the start of the production of cases for new devices. This will allow you to significantly reduce financial costs at the stage of marketing research of the real consumer demand for your product.