3D rendering and rendering

Over the years of work in the KLONA company, a team of real specialists and professionals in their field has been formed. We guarantee you the quality and reliability of the services we provide.

Today, computer graphics technologies, in particular 3D visualization, are becoming more and more in demand. By using 3D modeling , visualization and prototyping you can study the object model in detail, make the necessary changes, evaluate ergonomics and functionality, change the product design, create photorealistic images, and much more.

Surely you are faced with a huge number of proposals for 3D modeling and visualization, but do not forget that most of these companies are beginners who are just mastering the direction of 3D technologies.

Why do we say that working with us is better? Yes, if only because we have been working in this area for several years and are engaged in 3D modeling, visualization and prototyping. Over the years of work in the KLONA company, a team of real specialists and professionals in their field has been formed. We guarantee you the quality and reliability of the services we provide.


3D visualization is most often used for demonstration purposes at various exhibitions, presentations and conferences. Three-dimensional visualization allows you to see the original design idea, future project, any non-existent objects, or existing, but invisible to us. It allows you to visually demonstrate the novelties of various goods – from food products and their packaging to new models of technology.

3D rendering is also used:

  • in printed advertising materials;
  • in the creation of videos;
  • in architecture;
  • in industry;
  • in scientific or educational projects;
  • in online stores.
  • when developing interior and exterior design, etc.
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3D visualization is closely related to three-dimensional modeling, because on the basis of a 3D model, an image will be built in three-dimensional space. If you do not use a 3D model of the product, programs for 3d visualization and simply create an image-image of the product using graphic editors, then it will be a regular two-dimensional visualization.

The visualization process takes place in several stages:

  • creation of a 3D model of the object;
  • creating an environment scene around the object;
  • texturing;
  • setting the correct lighting;
  • setting up the camera, choosing a good angle;
  • setting up effects;
  • 3d rendering.

Rendering – this is one of the constituent parts, stages of visualization. Rendering allows you to get a finished image of a three-dimensional model in a “flat” version.

Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the resulting images. rendering can take from a few minutes to tens of hours. Its speed is also affected by the power of the computer – on an old and weak computer, rendering can take several days altogether.

Various 3D programs are used for rendering, many of them have a rendering function, and for some you will have to install an additional program.

3D visualization and rendering software

Any program has its pros and cons, and everyone chooses a program for himself, where he will work not only conveniently and easily, but also quickly.

  • 3Delight;
  • 3ds Max;
  • AIR;
  • Angel;
  • Arion Renderer;
  • Artlantis Render;
  • AutoCAD;
  • Brazil R / S;
  • Sunflow;
  • Turtle;
  • V-Ray;
  • YafaRay.

Do you have a new design idea? Have you come up with a new product, but don’t know how to present it to your customers? Today, it is enough to simply order industrial or studio 3D visualization, and computer graphics specialists will help you turn your idea into reality. The KLONA company offers its services for 3D visualization in Kharkov, in Ukraine and even abroad. Working with us is very simple and easy.