Medical video creation

A medical video can be strict with an emphasis on professionalism or bright with an emphasis on comfort and friendliness.

Medical video Is a type of ad video that is created with the goal of attracting attention consumers to a product, service or clinic. Advertising medical services has a number of features : high competition among medical companies, low number of requests among users, legal requirements to the demonstration certificates

The price for creating a medical video depends on:

  • the scale and duration of filming;
  • the number of scenario concepts;
  • the size of the fees of the cinematographer and cast;
  • the presence of additional special effects.

Order a medical video from KLONA specialists. Price: from 12 thousand hryvnia. Term: from 7 days.


Marketing research for advertising medical products

Are being studied firms competitors for the production of maximum relevant advertising appeal Determined indicators target audience : gender, age, income and values. According to the research a list of channels and resources to accommodate medical roller.

The promotional video of the medical center must emphasize concern about physical and psychological patient health … And also inform the importance of empathy and assistance to patrons and sponsors. It’s been popular to shoot for 3 years cover videos of songs with optimistic motivational text. The main actors video is staff and patients … Videos of medical clinics such as Seattle childrens hospital and Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology have a huge success. They attracted to the problem of oncology a huge number of Internet users and received philanthropic donations.

Promotional video script

It is necessary to decide on idea and general mood. Medical video may be strict with an emphasis on professionalism or bright with an emphasis on comfort and friendliness. After writing script calculated budget expenditures.

Not necessary make accent at the hospital, doctors and diseases , after all demonstration everyday life closer potential clients … This the reception was involved in your advertisement United Healthcare.

Medical video: production

This stage includes training (teaching the acting group, building the scenery) and filming … Duration and scale production process depends only from the budget

For the new US health insurance system video was developed featuring Barack Obama … In just a day, the video gained 23 million views and 40,000 thousand comments

Post-processing of videos

End shooting roller installation, color correction and imposition additional effects. It does material quality and ready for placement.

development of a video for medicine
creating a medical video
medical roller to order


Medical clinic advertisement

Short and capacious , it lists all differences and advantages clinics. It is especially advantageous if their voiced by doctors , which really work in that institution

The narration continues within the walls of the clinic itself , What allow to demonstrate her interior and apparatus … Usually in such videos, the background music instrumental and light … How did it Hurley Medical Center.

Advertising of medical services

Creating a video about medical services, one has to wonder what important for the patient what can make it better for him

Laboratory SYNEVO analyzing market needs , embodied well customer wishes in life. In their video noticeable comparison between terrible days ordinary polyclinics and their center as a dream come true polite staff and high-tech innovation.

Medical Equipment Advertising

The main thing in this service easy to explain patient about functions and possibilities complex medical equipment

The video can demonstrate features of work and guarantee quality results, as did the Vinnytsia clinic “Altamedika”.

Advertising of medical products

Among medical videos, the most widespread advertising goods and drugs … According to market research, about 20% of patients ask doctors prescribe a drug which they seen in advertising

Therefore, there are serious requirements for this type of videos: availability of a license in the advertising video, lack of guarantees 100% recovery and recommendations do not self-medicate … Despite the restrictions, advertising of a drug may become very popular , a actors’ phrases will migrate to real life, like proverbs … Among these videos are advertisements for drugs Liki wedmedica Bo : “I am ill. I’m rotten “and Coldrex : “Chills? I’m thinking about you. “

Medical training video

Demonstrate features of the body only possible using computer graphics … When creating a video not to do without consultation doctors and detailed instructions customer, because the accuracy of execution influences the training of doctors and on patient treatment

Social videos: medicine and hygiene

Medical rollers an important part promoting healthy lifestyles and taking care of yourself. They allow raise funds for charity … Also, videos raise important social issues about children’s education, gender equality and nature conservation.

Company Dove has been releasing videos for a long time, the purpose of which is – struggle for psychological health especially among women. For example, new direction in the work of the company, it is people search on social media with poor self-esteem. Representatives write to them that They are beautiful … As a result number of positive reviews about the appearance has increased by 69% , and for 2020 the hashtag was used more 168 thousand times.

Specialists by KLONA create medical videos for the presentation of clinics, centers, services or goods.