Advertising visualization and collage

Beautiful and original designed images of the advertised product have always attracted the attention of the consumer and contributed to the consolidation of a positive image of the brand and the company as a whole.

A person perceives graphic information much faster than textual information. This has been proven.

That’s why advertising visualization very important. Without a successful and high-quality visual content, an advertising campaign is doomed to failure.

Beautiful and original designed images of the advertised product have always attracted the attention of the consumer and contributed to the consolidation of a positive image of the brand and the company as a whole.


A huge assortment of goods and a variety of services provided are a feature of the modern period. It would seem that such a situation is beneficial for the consumer from the point of view of the variety of choice. But it is very difficult to make it, since the market is oversaturated with goods similar to each other, and it is not always possible to determine the characteristics of a particular manufacturer in terms of benefits for the buyer. And sometimes there is not enough time for this. In part, advertising allows you to decide on a purchase or applying for a quality service to a particular company. But carrying out an advertising campaign is fraught with some peculiarities. Consider how it helps visualization advertising a manufacturer in promoting his product or service.


Rendering or 3D rendering is the creation of a realistic image of a model or object using graphics software. And also 3D modeling is involved in this process. Such visualization allows you to demonstrate an object or its graphic representation in three-dimensional space based on a 3D model. Rendering allows you to create a view of an object that does not yet exist and make changes to an unrealized project. In addition, with the help of this technology, it is possible to correct existing errors without financial costs and speed up the project implementation process. Use in advertising 3D renders due to the fact that with their help plots and scenes are created that do not exist in the real world.

Advertising visualization goes through certain stages in its creation:

  1. Creation of a 3D model of the advertised item;
  2. Creation of the environment of the modeled advertised item;
  3. Adjustment of light parameters;
  4. Choosing the optimal angle and exposure;
  5. Application of various graphic effects;
  6. Rendering.

The creation of renders involves the use of certain programs:

  • AutoCad;
  • 3D Studio Max;
  • Artlantis;
  • Archi CAD;
  • PRO100;
  • 3D Studio VIZ R3i;
  • Lightscape.
Advertising visualization
3D визуализация
3D rendering


Advertising visualization can be carried out in three forms:

  1. Rendering of a package or product.
  2. Advertising visualization in 3D.
  3. Advertising visualization for the event.

Benefits of visualizing ads in 3D

  1. Bringing to the consciousness of the mass consumer the details of the idea;
  2. Presentation in a visual form of the final result of the implemented idea before the end of the marketing campaign;
  3. Demonstration of a marketing object from various angles and at any scale and using lighting techniques and other high-tech effects.

These advantages in ad visualization are important to the manufacturer.

In addition, competent 3D renders look more attractive than those objects that exist in the real world. The use of light shades and shadows, methods of smoothing the natural irregularities of the subject make it possible to make the ideal object for the ongoing marketing campaign.

An advertising message, which is communicated to the consumer, has two components: verbal and visual. As mentioned at the beginning, the visual component plays a primary role, since more than 70% of users perceive information through visual channels. In addition, advertising visualization is perceived more easily than textual information. It is designed to convey feelings and emotions, it does not need to be translated into another language. Design in advertising visualization includes certain elements, which include:

  1. Graphic images, photographic images, illustrations.
  2. Advertising text font.
  3. Advertising color solutions.

All these three elements of the visual series are interconnected and affect the consumer in their totality, urging him to buy a particular product or use a service. The absence of at least one of the above elements in the advertising visualization makes it useless and incomprehensible to the consumer. The color scheme of the marketing object also plays an important role. With the help of color shades, a certain mood of the consumer is created, which affects his attitude towards the product or products, and also emphasizes the quality of the brand. Color can also alienate the consumer, causing negative emotions in the latter. Or motivate him in the right direction. There are color associative rows that affect a person in different ways.


Collage is a way to create attractive and high quality photographic images. With the help of collage, an image is obtained by connecting photographs (pictures and illustrations) with each other, which are not related to each other in style. Images created in this way form a lasting aesthetic effect for the consumer and have a beneficial effect on his emotional background. Therefore, collage is very often used in marketing campaigns.