3D visualization of the restaurant

The development of 3D visualization of the restaurant makes it possible to rationally evaluate the use of building materials in relation to the area of space. And also to make the optimal layout of the premises and create an accurate estimate of the cost of all costs.

Restaurant visualization Is a process creating realistic images , which present the concept and the style of the establishment the customer, investors, the administration of the shopping center, inspection organizations and construction teams.

Development of 3D visualization restaurant allows rationally assess use of building materials in relation to the area of space. And make an optimal layout premises and create an accurate estimate of the cost of all costs.

The cost of 3D rendering depends on:

  • size and quality of the image;
  • the number of objects of visualization and renders;
  • terms of project implementation.

Order a visualization of a cafe or restaurant in the KLONA studio. Price: from 2 thousand hryvnia. Term: from 2-3 days.


Preparation of technical specifications

The main characteristics of the institution are determined, information is provided on the corporate style of the restaurant, decor elements, their location and lighting parameters.

Создание 3D-модели

A three-dimensional space is being developed for accurate mapping of texture maps. The arrangement of decorative elements and equipment is carried out, the placement of lighting and wiring for visualization of the interior is determined.

Texture mapping

Maps of materials are created that are used in interior design: from the color of the walls to the ornament on the ceramics of the dishes.

Lighting setup

The choice of the light source depends on the style of the establishment. When developing 3d renderings, specialists avoid contrasting lighting.

Rendering for rendering a restaurant

It is the process of translating a rendered 3D model into a 2D image.

creation of visualization for a restaurant
development of 3d visualization
3d rendering of a cafe


Workspace: 3D visualization of the kitchen

V cooking processes important in the kitchen ergonomics … Therefore, for the visualization of the restaurant, ease of movement of personnel in the kitchen, quality lighting and placement of equipment for quick cooking interactions.

3D visualization of the bathroom

This is an important part for rendering a restaurant, which should answer the main idea and not spoil the visitor’s impression of the establishment and its good cuisine. In the restroom should be comfortable , enough lightly and plumbing to be placed taking into account ergonomics

3D visualization of the facade: how to attract visitors

The exterior of the restaurant is stylish and presentable accent which should look like attractive at any time days.

3D visualization of the cafe will help to evaluate the project, even when it is at the stage of development and selection of materials.

Order a 3D visualization of a restaurant from specialists