Development of industrial design of a wearable device

We conduct regular market research and keep abreast of the latest developments. Therefore, we know exactly how to design a product that will be loved and recommended.

Why you need to design a wearable device

Industrial design development of a wearable device, be it a watch, fitness tracker or anything else performs an essential function in a new product launch. Gadget design is the main way of communicating with a potential consumer. He is capable significantly increase sales or to nullify them.

Order wearable design services from KLONA. We conduct regular market research and keep abreast of the latest developments. Therefore, we know exactly how to design a product that will be loved and recommended.

The price of developing a gadget design depends on:

  • the complexity of the device;
  • the number of concepts needed;
  • the amount of edits made.
design development
wearable device design
wearable device design



The goals of an industrial designer are to make the product as simple to operate as possible and understandable to the consumer. This plays a special role in the design of wearable gadgets, because such products are still a novelty for the Ukrainian consumer. The development of competent industrial design will help make them more familiar and understandable. To do this, the designer needs to understand the device in detail and look at it from the user’s point of view.

Reduced production costs

In the development of industrial design, special attention is paid to facilitate future production and make it as cheap as possible. For this, various designs, fasteners are thought out, and the most suitable materials are selected. All this does not occur to the detriment of the appearance of the product.

Attractive appearance

Here we are talking not only, and not so much about the external beauty of the wearable device. Its task: to please and interest a specific consumer. Depending on who it will be (for example, wealthy men over 35 or travel enthusiasts over 18), the design of functionally similar devices can change dramatically.

wearable device industrial design
device industrial design
industrial design development


Preparation of technical specifications

This stage of work takes place together with the customer. Clarifies all the important requirements that must be considered when developing an industrial design for a wearable device. Namely: target audience, sales market, device functions, quality requirements, etc.

Market research

This is necessary in order to determine the main market trends, study new products in this area and get acquainted with the preferences of consumers.

Concept development

At the first stage, the first sketches are made, which will be further refined. Various design options, fasteners, shapes, etc. are being thought out.

Finalization of the final concept and construction of a 3D model

After the customer approves one of the concepts, it is finalized taking into account all the nuances, including the material of manufacture and production features.

Often, after the 3D model is ready, the first one is created product prototype. This is necessary in order to personally see the product, evaluate its convenience, test, etc.

If you have a great wearable device idea, please contact KLONA. We will help you go through all the stages of launching a new device: from idea to large-scale production.