How often do we deal with 3D visualization of objects in real life? She used to create animated commercials, volumetric models of interior and exterior, films and computer games using three-dimensional graphics. Visualization is indispensable where you need to create a copy of an imaginary object.

The history of three-dimensional visualization begins back in 1962, when a graduate student at the University of Utah, USA, creates a program that allows you to visualize the simplest 3D models. Later, the world’s first computer graphics department was opened in this educational institution. The first animated film, Toy Story, entirely made with 3D graphics, came out several decades later, in 1995. Many believed that the film was doomed to failure, but it happened exactly the opposite – the work deserved worldwide fame and recognition.

Science and technology

In this area, 3D visualization is mainly used for the design of technical products. Modern technologies make it possible to create a visualization of the designed object as close as possible to a real device, to evaluate it visually. A three-dimensional model of the future mechanism speeds up and facilitates the work of the design engineer, relieving him of the drawing process.

Often, customers demand to think over an unusual design of household items. In this case, the visualization process helps to demonstrate the design decision.


Advertising and marketing

Favorite animals, talking food or patterns that appear on the walls of an advertised gadget in a matter of moments – all this is done to attract the attention of consumers. More often marketers use 3D visualization of objects to create animated commercials. Shooting in real conditions does not provide such an attractive picture as with the use of animation.

Benefits of using 3D visualization in advertising:

  • allows you to create fictional characters;
  • The 3D object looks more attractive than in real life, better conveys the necessary qualities of the proposed product;
  • makes it possible to create a ready-made layout of an advertising banner and see how it will look.

3d-визуализация в рекламе

Interior design, architecture, construction

3D-visualization of an interior or a building using computer programs has become interested relatively recently, since earlier models were made for this from cardboard or special materials. Today, 3D visualization of a house is an important stage before starting construction work. This technology allows you to look at the finished object and make changes if necessary.

However, the role of visual mock-ups in interior design and construction is not limited to showing an object to an architectural firm. 3D visualization is used to create interior or building advertisements in order to familiarize consumers with a specific offer. The peculiarity of advertising in the field of construction and architecture is that it offers something that does not exist yet. For example, an advertisement for a residential complex shows the result – the consumer sees an image of finished buildings, while their construction can only begin.

3d-визуализация интерьера

Cinematography, computer games, animation

In the cinema and gaming industry 3D visualization took root and took root, apparently, forever. It is difficult for a modern person to imagine a favorite game without three-dimensional characters, and another film without 3D graphics.

The process of creating a visual model of an object in this area consists of several stages.

  1. Modeling – creating 3D objects.
  2. Texturing – applying textures to a 3D model.
  3. Rigging is the creation of “virtual” bones, the skeleton of the future character.
  4. Animation – “animating” a 3D model.
  5. Rendering – reformatting a graphic model into a record.
  6. Compositing – inserting a character into a frame or scene, adding special effects, eliminating defects, etc.

3d-визуализация кино
3D visualization – the process of creating a volumetric image, fictional or as close to reality. The possibilities of this technology are unlimited – you can create objects of any shape and size, experiment with colors, change and transform. However, the main advantage of 3D visualization is that it allows you to create models of impressive images, amazing paintings and intricate characters that are born in the human imagination.

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