Vaping – this is a clear example of how one correctly presented thing provoked the emergence of a new subculture. Electronic cigarettes are constantly heard, so there are more and more manufacturers of a new product. In such a variety, new brands are saved by one thing – the unique industrial design of the e-cigarette body. Manufacturers have moved away from skeuomorphism – e-cigarettes are more like a fashion accessory, which is not a shame to get in public. And if even Leo DiCaprio “steam” during the presentation of the Screen Actors Guild Award, then you and I can certainly vape in all places.

world market of electronic cigarettes

Vape pushes even ordinary cigarettes into the background. For example, in 2014, the tobacco company Imperial Tobacco bought out the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes Blu eCigs … You have most likely also heard of iQOS – device from Philip morris , which should help to smoke regular cigarettes safely and without smoke (if only it is Marlboro, Parliament or L&M).

Брендинг электронных сигаретAs we can see, tobacco companies are seriously concerned about the emergence of electronic devices. Well, there is no smoke without fire. Or not?

Who benefits from it: why the creation of electronic cigarettes brings money

Why e-cigarettes?

Fashion dictates the way of life. And if hippies in the 70s smoked weed, brokers of the 2000s could not imagine their life without cigarettes, now the era of vaping has definitely come. Which, by the way, became the reason for the formation of a whole subculture.

Industrial design of an electronic cigarette

Analysis of the electronic cigarette market. The market of electronic cigarettes in Ukraine, Russia, America reports: if the cigarette market in 2015 became UAH 70.2 billion, then in 2016 it decreased by 7%. This drop is due to the rise in prices for tobacco in Ukraine – due to the increase in excise tax, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes rose from UAH 12 to UAH 20. Now e-cigarettes have infiltrated this empty market gap.

In Europe and America, the number of vapers in ten years has grown from 2% to 17% of all smokers. This motivated manufacturers to constantly improve the quality of vaping materials, modernize the packaging design of electronic cigarettes.

Company Euromonitor International conducted a study, according to the results of which the volume of the electronic cigarette market in the world by 2019 will be $ 17 billion, and in ten years it will even be compared with the global turnover of tobacco products.

Electronic cigarette market analysis

The niche of the e-cigarette market looks quite attractive, the only question is how much it costs to create an e-cigarette brand. Looking to create your own e-cigarette brand? Let’s figure out what is needed for this.

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Types of electronic cigarettes: what are the differences and advantages

Egoshka – for beginners

The global e-cigarette market can please any consumer. For example, for newcomers to vape, “ehshki” have been developed – cigarettes named after the manufacturing company eGO … From the pros – a nice price: on average, you can buy it for 100 UAH. Of the minuses – fragility. You understand that the price determines the quality. However, for those who just want to indulge in a couple of times – that’s it.

how much does it cost to create an e-cigarette brand

The target audience: young people who have never used e-cigarettes and are not sure what they will.

Electronic cigarettes with a board – for ordinary people

The standard and most common type of electronic cigarette. They are equipped with electronics – a board that regulates the power transmitted from the battery to the coil, as well as protects against overvoltage. It is possible to adjust the voltage level so as not to swallow the slurry along with the steam. The price ranges from 400 UAH and more.

electronic cigarette branding

The target audience: young people with average income. Hi-tech innovators and people who quit smoking.

FurMod – for the guru

Not every seasoned vaper can handle such a device. The device is made exclusively mechanical – there is no board here. This makes it practically immortal – there is nothing to break in it. But at the same time, this cigarette has no fuses, so it can overheat. Mechanical electronic cigarettes are a bit like shaving with a straight razor: available only to the most fearless and elite.

industrial design of electronic cigarette

The target audience: young people with an average income, who love old school and labor staff.

Vaporizer – for perverts

A very specific product in the field of electronic cigarettes. Its main difference from the three previous ones is that instead of liquid, the device steams tobacco. So, according to users, less odor is emitted into the environment. For the rest – all the same cigarettes, only more expensive. And more technologically advanced, of course.

create an electronic cigarette design

The target audience: people in their 25s and 50s who are passionate about innovation or trying to reduce their emissions of nicotine into the atmosphere.

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Electronic cigarettes from the inside: disassemble into parts

General working principle of e-cigarettes

The principle of operation of any electronic cigarette is based on the evaporation of liquid from glycerin, water, propylene glycol, food flavorings or nicotine. From chemistry, let’s move on to the most interesting: let’s look at how an electronic cigarette works from the inside.

Electronic cigarette body structure

The main part of an electronic cigarette is its body (mod). In standard cigarettes, it contains a battery and a board. In the mech mod, as we remember, there is no board, there is only a battery. An atomizer is connected to the body – a tank ( RTA ) or drip ( RDA ).

create an electronic cigarette design

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RDA structure

Atomizer, clearomizer, or more gently – drip. These are all – the names of the upper part of the body of the electronic cigarette, where the sacrament of vaping takes place directly. Inside the drip there is a metal spiral (or a coil, whatever you like), to which a wick is attached – a cotton wool, which is soaked in liquid for vaping. A current is supplied to this spiral, which heats the cotton wool. After that, glycerin absorbs moisture from the air and the smoker / bather / vaper (underline as appropriate) receives a cloud of fragrant smoke.

e-cigarette body structure


  • thick and voluminous steam;
  • wear-resistant;
  • easy to care for.


  • leaking – putting it in your pocket, you run the risk of washing your pants from the liquid for vaping;
  • no slurry reservoir;
  • need to be moistened every 3-5 puffs, otherwise there is a risk of accumulating coil.

Spanish division Philip morris released an electronic cigarette Solaris with four holes in the mouthpiece, which helps to distribute the steam evenly, making it even richer. It would seem – where already? But no, there is no limit to perfection. Especially in vaping.

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Tank structure

The tank is a little more complicated than the RDA. There is an evaporation chamber inside it with contacts, a wick and spirals (mostly 2-3 pieces per tank). The tank also has a hole through which the slurry is poured.

electronic cigarette design


  • no need to constantly wet the coil;
  • does not leak;
  • less likelihood of burning the coil;
  • does not need to be cleaned as often as a drip.


  • rather fragile case;
  • less steam.

It is also worth noting that tanks are divided into three types: serviced, semi-serviced and unattended. A serviced tank will suit you if you follow the guide on YouTube or, using your intuition, are ready to change coils with your hands every 2 weeks and stretch cotton wool in them. Semi-serviced ones provide for both an independent replacement of the evaporator and its purchase (the most convenient and popular option at the moment). Maintenance-free tanks are rare due to the inconvenience of maintenance. Agree, who wants to run to the store for a new vaporizer every three days?

Do you have ideas for your ideal device? Klona will help create it.

Body Fashion

Maud – this is, in fact, a box with all the filling. To develop a vape mod, you need:

industrial design of electronic cigarette body

– a battery that supplies a charge that heats the wick with liquid for vaping;

– a board that regulates the strength of the charge, saving the e-cigarette from overvoltage. It can be “equipped” with various gadgets like a screen with a clock, an indicator of charge strength, vapor density or a calendar.

Are you sure you can create a mod even better? We, too! We will help create an electronic cigarette design even the most insane form.

Mehmod Corps

Mehmod (aka fur) is a metal case with a battery inside. There is a contact for a drip / tank at the top. On the body (mainly from the bottom) there is a button that closes the electrical circuit. That’s all. Blatant minimalism for real old-school people. One of the key problems of mech mods is the stringent requirements for the choice of coils (spirals), their thickness and resistance. Also “bellows” need to be cleaned regularly.

electronic cigarette design

Electronic cigarette design: skeuomorphism at its finest

The industrial design of an electronic cigarette has long since departed from the usual forms. Moreover, the design of e-cigarettes is so in demand that Vape & Trade Expo exhibitions are held all over the world, which can even be compared in scale with E3.

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develop vape mod

Classic e-cigarette design

Mod can take various forms – if only there was a fantasy. But the simplest ones are cylindrical or square. The laconic design, as it were, tells the buyer: you pay money for what is inside, not outside.

electronic cigarette design

Laconic, but at the same time stylish – this is how the ideal e-cigarette is seen E-Turbo CE4.

The eGo model looks quite simple, but the metal design of the case removes the touch of cheapness.

e-cigarette body structure

Stylized electronic cigarettes

A great option for a gift, or just for merch lovers – a stylized cigarette. E-cigarette branding of this kind has potential. However, the topic of merchandise in the vape market has not been disclosed. Here’s how many mother of dragons e-cigarettes have you seen? There would be a gold mine.

electronic cigarette packaging design

For example, a regular mod is twice as fun to wear if it looks like Adventure Time Jake.

electronic cigarette branding

This is a regular mech mod, but it will delight any fan of the Star Wars universe.

High-end electronic cigarettes

These are no longer just electronic cigarettes – they are a work of art. Designing a case for a vape of such a plan gives a flight of imagination, and the device takes on the most daring forms. If you get tired of a cigarette, you can wear it as a keychain or a pendant. The price of such a device is appropriate. To send such a cigarette to a buyer, and not to a museum, manufacturers save a little on the “filling” – usually electronic beauties work on a mech mod, the equipment of which is cheaper.

For example, a cigarette from Teslacigs in steampunk style looks expensive (although it does not cost much – $ 50). Suitable for both lovers of “lift with luxury” and for fans of “Bioshock”.

Develop a vape mod

A rare example when an electronic cigarette is designed for the female segment is an electronic cigarette in the form of a pendant from G-Taste

types of electronic cigarettes

Simplicity doesn’t always look cheap. For example, a Chinese brand Arctic dolphin released a line of high-end e-cigarettes. Natural elements in the design add aristocracy and look more expensive than they really are. This is reflected in the price of the product: a copy below, for example, can be purchased for a modest $ 150 (in hryvnia – the average salary of a Ukrainian).

industrial design of electronic cigarette

Today in the vape industry there is a lot to accelerate. If you want to create your own industrial design for an electronic cigarette body, our 3D printers are already warmed up, just like the imagination of designers and modelers.

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