The recognizable design of the suitcase appeared not so long ago – only in the middle of the 19th century. Not everyone knows that this invention belongs to Louis Vuitton. The French master changed the design of the travel chest familiar at that time:

  • replaced the vaulted lid with a flat one;
  • inside made compartments for small things;
  • added waterproof upholstery.

Luggage containers have never been so convenient.

Suitcase - an invention of Louis Vuitton
Suitcase – an invention of Louis Vuitton

Previously used baskets, bags and chests did not compare to suitcases. They were lightweight, even fragile things were well preserved in them, and clothes did not wrinkle during transportation. And it was very convenient to transport suitcases in the luggage compartment, they easily folded one on top of the other due to the correct geometric shapes.

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The history of suitcase design: from the 19th century to the present

The most famous suitcases are from Louis Vuitton. Everyone knows the trademark of the brand – the emblem with the initials LV. It began to be used in 1896, specifically for marking suitcases. Until now, the company remains the trendsetter for luggage accessories.

Louis Vuitton suitcases
Louis Vuitton suitcases

In addition to ordinary suitcases, Louis Vuitton also created exclusive models. For example, for the writer Ernest Hemingway, who took many books with him on his travels:

Hemingway Library Suitcase
Hemingway Library Suitcase

Or a custom shoe storage case for Lily Pons:

Suitcase for 30 pairs of shoes (1920)
Suitcase for 30 pairs of shoes (1920)

And the famous Mrs. Donahue in crocodile leather with gold name embossing:

Suitcase wardrobe Mrs. Donahue (1936)
Suitcase wardrobe Mrs. Donahue (1936)

For Mrs. Donahue made 15 personalized suitcases, boxes and suitcases, but it was the suitcase-wardrobe that became the most famous work of the designer.

It is interesting that special suitcases were created for women – hand, toilet or ballet boxes. After all, ordinary suitcases did not have wheels, and it was not easy to carry them.

Women's suitcases
Women’s suitcases

Leather was most often chosen as materials for the manufacture of suitcases. Leather suitcases are considered classics to this day, although they are often heavy, not very comfortable and terribly expensive.

In addition to leather, manufacturers used:

  • leatherette;
  • fiber;
  • cardboard covered with fabric.

In addition to the rigid structure, there were soft and foldable suitcases.

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Many people remember the suitcases from the times of the USSR: with belts and buckles, metal corners and an invariable handle. The choice of models was not very impressive, but everyone in the house had at least one such suitcase.

Retro suitcases from the USSR
Retro suitcases from the USSR

When not traveling with them, they were used to store valuables. Inside, old suitcases were upholstered in smoothly dyed silk or cotton fabric. As a rule, there was only one department. And a few small fabric pockets on the upholstery.

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Especially chic in 1980-1990 were stickers on suitcases:

Suitcase with stickers
Suitcase with stickers

They were brought from each trip, and the more stickers were on the luggage, the more countries and cities its owner saw.

Shortly before that, in 1972, the American Bernard Sadow invented the wheeled suitcase. Obtaining a patent for this invention was a real breakthrough in the history and design of suitcases. If over the previous 100 years there were no dramatic changes, now it is time for completely new discoveries and concepts. Before this change, only the shape, size and materials from which the suitcases were made. Now, in addition to the body, they began to pay attention to the functionality.

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Suitcase production: types of modern devices

After the invention of the wheeled suitcase, its design was repeatedly changed and refined. Currently, the most common are:

  • two-wheeled;
  • four-wheeled.

Suitcases with two wheels handle uneven surfaces better, but it takes some effort to carry such luggage. Models with four wheels are more comfortable, but demanding on the quality of the surfaces on which they move. They are very convenient for transporting luggage at the airport or train station.

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Every year, different manufacturers and design studios are trying to improve the design of suitcases:

  • modernize the materials and shape of the hull;
  • improve telescopic handles;
  • add hidden compartments;
  • the engine is built into the suitcase so that it becomes self-propelled.

And some concepts turn out to be quite successful and worthy of implementation in mass production.

Modeling suitcases: dreams and their realization

Designers from hs2 studio have created suitcases in animalistic style. And they were inspired to this idea, oddly enough, flightless birds – penguins.

 Fancy Penguin Suitcase
Fancy Penguin Suitcase

The design of the suitcases is both minimalistic and playful. An extension is provided in the upper part, which resembles a beak. But it also has a functional purpose – it is at the same time a comfortable handle. The suitcase is stable and maneuverable thanks to four castors at the bottom.

As with other modern luggage models, there is a retractable telescopic handle that can be easily opened with a simple push of a button.

4-wheel suitcase design
4-wheel suitcase design

As conceived by the designers, the suitcases are made in black and white. However, implementation in other colors is possible.

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3D model of a suitcase with an electric motor

Another unusual design of suitcases is offered to us by the designer Ercan Kandar. The design of the suitcase was inspired by his dream car – Audi.

The Audi eSuitcase is not just a suitcase, but also a compact vehicle with a built-in electric scooter.

3D model of a suitcase Audi eSuitcase
3D model of a suitcase Audi eSuitcase

The body of the suitcase is made of durable carbon fiber reminiscent of metal. The wheelbase and frame are hidden under the elegant body

Scooter Suitcase Concept
Scooter Suitcase Concept

When folded, the suitcase stands firmly on four small wheels, with the help of which you can carry out the usual transportation of luggage.

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Suitcase Modeling: Travel Wardrobe Bag

Remember Mrs. Donahue? It was he who inspired the developers of Shelfpack:

A suitcase that folds out like a wardrobe
A suitcase that folds out like a wardrobe

The main idea of the concept is that there is no need to unpack a suitcase, put things in a closet, and then pack them again. The Shelfpack folds out into a 42-inch, 4-shelf stable system. The front of the suitcase houses an elegant side storage with 3 large zippered pockets. The inner parts of the suitcase have 2 legs that extend telescopically upward, providing stability to the shelves. The entire shelf structure can be independently removed from the bag and stored separately.

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