3D modeling and visualization of goods (product visualization)

To create a 3D model of the product, modern 3D technologies are used, in particular, 3d modeling and visualization. The KLONA company was one of the first in the domestic market that began to engage in 3D visualization, the 3D models of goods created by us are widely used on the leading sites of online stores

The growing popularity of online stores and online shopping creates a constant demand for 3d modeling and visualization of various products. Today, people buy anything in online stores: household appliances, clothes, and even jewelry. Grocery 3d visualization and creation of 3d models goods become the engine that increases sales growth.

3d model from photos
3d modeling from photos
3d model

3d modeling and visualization of goods for online stores

What makes online shopping so popular?

1. Price – most often the prices for goods in online stores are much lower than in city stores.

2. Delivery – people have become so lazy that home delivery of purchased goods plays an important role in the purchasing decision.

3. Possibility of cashless payments.

3 d product modeling gives online stores a competitive advantage – consumers give preference to those online stores where it is possible to view the product from all sides. The 3d model of the product looks much more profitable and allows customers to get more visual information about the product, compared to regular product photos. 3D models of goods will soon become competitors for flash animation, because the latter does not convey all the visual information that can be obtained in a three-dimensional image.

To create a 3D model of the product, modern 3D technologies are used, in particular 3d modeling and visualization … The KLONA company was one of the first in the domestic market to start dealing with 3D visualization 3D models of goods created by us are widely used on the leading websites of online stores


  1. Creation of 3D models using 3D modeling programs.
  2. Texturing – the choice of material for the most accurate transfer of the texture of the modeled product.
  3. Light setting – the choice of the level of brightness, sharpness, depth of shadows.
  4. Saving the file in 3D format.
3D model by sample
Wearable gadgets
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Product visualization is becoming more and more popular in the field of online sales, it is widely used in online stores of electronics and household appliances, clothing, cars, jewelry, etc. Product 3D animation in an online store has a number of advantages:

  • Demonstrativeness – the possibility of a full demonstration of the goods. Especially relevant and in demand for new products.
  • Informativeness and objectivity – photos of goods are most often processed in graphic editors, and the 3D model allows you to objectively evaluate the goods, which thereby reduces the risk of returning the goods.
  • Motivation 3 d rendering and animation better affects the emotional centers and stimulates the customer to make a purchase.
  • Memorability – visitors remember sites using 3D models better and later return to such a site.


For business, in particular for online stores, the following is most often used:

  1. 3d photography – this is the simplest way of product visualization – the product is photographed many times from different sides, and then the resulting images are collected into one three-dimensional image. In this case, there is no 3D model of the product.
  2. 3d animation Is a full-fledged three-dimensional visualization of a product, based on a previously built product model. 3D animation allows you to view the product from different angles, zoom in / out. This animation represents the product in a more colorful and effective way.
  3. 3d graphics – is used to create virtual services and implement non-standard design solutions.
  4. Product visualization and modeling have no restrictions, and therefore you can create a model of any product.

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