3D visualization of packaging and realistic label renders

Presentation and POS materials - images created using 3D visualization are widely used in product catalogs and booklets, on stands and advertising structures. They provide a brand with a competitive advantage - increase brand awareness and image, and stimulate demand for the product.

3D visualization of packaging Is a process creating realistic images product packaging or goods

Creation 3D visualizations for advertising companies allows to showcase the product favorably and highlight the brand image … Product visualization makes it possible evaluate the project before launching into production, detect flaws in design and fix them, improve the decoration scene and the location of the elements.

The price of 3D visualization of packaging depends on:

  • the complexity of the geometry of the modeling object;
  • quality of texturing;
  • realism of the image;
  • the number of renders.

KLONA 3d visualization studio will create a realistic and vivid image of your product. Price: from 500 hryvnia. Term: from 2 days.


Order 3D visualization for advertising

More than 80% of all printed advertising products and videos were created using 3D visualization.

Create 3D visualizations for presentations

Presentation and POS materials – images created using 3D visualization are widely used in product catalogs and booklets on stands and advertising structures … They provide the brand with a competitive advantage – increase awareness and brand image, and stimulate demand on the item.

3D visualization of packaging: online store

3D visualization is also used when website design development and in internet advertising (banners). Online stores of various directions use 3D visualization most of all, because beautiful, bright and realistic images encourage website visitors to make a purchase.

visualization of packaging to order
creation of visualization of packaging in the environment
render labels


  1. Preparation of technical specifications for a 3D visualization service. Key technical parameters of the packaging are discussed (size, material, texture, color scheme).
  2. 3D model creation product for accurate and proportional reproduction of the image.
  3. Texture mapping for 3D visualization of packaging. The creation of texture maps makes the model more realistic. Allows you to evaluate the selected materials in the concept.
  4. Setting up lighting and additional special effects … The specialists of the KLONA 3D visualization studio will build the exposure, adjust the white balance and softness, and select the angle and shape of the light source.
  5. Rendering. This is obtaining a finished image of a three-dimensional model in a 2D version.


Choosing a composition for creating a 3D visualization

Composition built on symmetrical and asymmetrical type. First – this is stable balance between the constituent elements. This style will emphasize traditions, conservatism, reliability and thoughtfulness in the corporate identity of the company. Second – this is dynamic balance to express novelty, energy and assertiveness, which is especially a ideal for young brands.

Number of colors for visualization of packaging

The main contrasting colors should be no more than five (this does not apply to semitones). Depending on the advertising concept company color spectrum may be strong or moderate in contrast.

KLONA employees track latest design trends and visual clearance of goods

We will create unique 3D visualization packaging.

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