3D visualization of the store

Specialists need to know the parameters of the room, the number and characteristics of the filling elements. 3D visualization of a store requires a selection of colors, textures, materials and lighting.

3D visualization of the store Is the process of creating realistic images that allow demonstrate a project and the concept retail space

Architectural 3D visualization need to reconcile with customers or the administration of the shopping center when renting a room. Plus a realistic design image useful to the construction crew when performing work.

The cost of 3D rendering depends on:

  • image scale;
  • the number of visualization objects and renders ;
  • quality of texturing;
  • terms of project implementation.

Order a visualization of a retail outlet in the KLONA studio. Price: from 2 thousand hryvnia. Term: from 2-3 days.

What materials do you need for custom 3D visualization?

Studio KLONA works with drawings , wall plans, photographs and sketches of design concepts store. Professionals need to know room parameters , number and element characteristics filling. 3D visualization store requires a selection color solutions , textures materials and lighting.

development of visualization for the store
creation of 3d visualization
order visualization of the store

Stages of creating a 3D visualization of a store

  1. Preparation of technical specifications for a 3D visualization service. The spatial room characteristics , provides information on corporate identity store, its location and lighting parameters.
  2. Creation of a 3D model of the product. Held inventory, froze furniture and equipment , on the 3D scene are located architectural and decorative the elements for high-quality visualization of the store interior.
  3. Texture mapping for 3D visualization of a retail outlet. Accurate material texture maps that are used in interior design: from the color of wallpaper and floor tiles to fabrics on furniture.
  4. Lighting setup … The choice of the light source depends on the type of store location: street, basement or shopping center.
  5. Rendering for architectural visualization. This is a process translation of the rendered 3D model into a 2D image.
visualization of the store to order
3d visualization of the store
3d visualization of a retail outlet


Use Emphasis in Architectural 3D Rendering

Highlight dominant object in the store image. This creates a sense of balance and order. Emphase achieved by emphasis through the location of the object , color contrast or lighting.

Choosing the right type of lighting for 3D visualization of the store

Daylight (sunny, cloudy, combined) or artificial lighting used for visualization different types of premises … The wrong type will create overexposed or darkened areas in the room. For shop halls the best thing use combined cloudy light … The room will become lighter , and the light accent from the lamps will highlight the product.

Point of Sale Visualization: Focus

Correct camera settings in the scene will help to make the image as much as possible photorealistic. Depth of space add expressiveness visualization of the store.

Custom 3D visualization: surface imperfections

In the reality there are no perfect lines and edges, so the 3D rendering of the store should match that. Fabric folds , thrown pillows, wrapped rug , such small details and create an image of an object in a real image

KLONA brings together experience and innovation to create a 3D visualization of your dream store.

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