Advertising animation

Humor is the key to the heart of the viewer. If the video aroused positive emotions or provoked laughter, it is subconsciously associated with something good, it is better remembered.

Everyone remembers the saying which is better see once than hear a hundred times. And even better – to see something extraordinary, and then it will remain in the memory for a long time. This is how everyone works animated commercials : The more interesting the image, the more likely the viewer will pay attention to it. Animated advertising – type of selling advertising , which simultaneously affects different sources of perception.

What determines the price of an animated commercial

The cost of creating advertising animation in KLONA depends on several factors:

  • deadlines;
  • the presence of a script;
  • number of storyboard concepts;
  • the duration of the video.

Benefits of a 3D advertising video

Huge technological capabilities (from different types of animation to certain techniques and techniques).

High level of plasticity (the parameters can be adjusted depending on the purpose – the Internet or television).

Efficiency (a correctly made video always “works”).

Continuous improvement (using modern technologies and discoveries to improve advertising animation).

Payback (often for creating advertising animation they form a budget to match a high-quality film, this is especially important for the western market, but, as a rule, good advertising always pays for itself).

Availability (the animation language is understandable all over the world, it easily overcomes language and geographic barriers).


Target audience monitoring

This is the initial stage of the advertising animation process. It allows you to determine the preferences of a potential viewer and use them in the video.

Script creation

Script creation animated commercial based on idea , which specialists are working on. The script prescribes everything that, where and how will happen to the characters.


Storyboard the animated commercial starts after the script is completely ready. The essence of the storyboarding process is – drawing keyframes of the script.


Character sketches animated 3D advertising is created by specialists who work on facial expressions, character, plasticity, appearance and many other parameters.

3D animation

3D animation to create an advertisement occurs after all the preparatory stages have been successfully completed. The characters “come to life” and begin to act according to the plot. How quickly the process ends usually depends on the complexity and time constraints of the video.


Refinement animated ads happen after the fact. Corrections or correction of color and sound, installation, control of the product as a whole.


Humor in advertising animation

Humor – the key to the heart of the viewer. If the video aroused positive emotions or provoked laughter, it is subconsciously associated with something good, it is better remembered. At the same time, there is nothing more dangerous for advertising than jokes that are strange or inappropriate for the target audience. Therefore, it is important to feel the measure.

Emotions in an animated commercial

Evoke strong emotions capable of, for example, a beautiful story. Sometimes it can be associated with some kind of holiday (and fabulous atmosphere), for example, Christmas. In this case, the animated commercial does not irritate and does not morally “put pressure” on the viewer, but, on the contrary, creates a general atmosphere of “waiting for a miracle”.

Storyline of a 3D commercial

Clear storyline with an emphasis on the object being advertised. Otherwise, buyers will appreciate the high-quality creation of advertising animation, but after a second they won’t remember (or won’t understand at all), what exactly was advertised in the video. As, for example, in the video by John Lewis “The Bear and the Hare” – you can admire the idea or execution for an infinitely long time, but at the same time be lost in conjecture: was it an advertisement and if so, what exactly.

Original 3D Animation Ideas for Advertising Creation

Original idea will ensure the popularity of the commercial. It can be in a script, a character, a situation, an unexpected ending, or even a way of execution. A prime example is Kia Picanto and Nail Art Animation. The company created an animated ad directly on the nails.

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Food in 3D commercials

Sub category “Food in advertising” everything edible gets in – from funny donuts to superhero drinks (Zhivchik advertising, for example) and a chewing gum-rescue. The revived food talks, runs, has a clear character and emotions, in general, it fully justifies itself as full character … Often such characters become the favorites of the public, for example, yellow and red M&M candies.

Living things in animated commercials

People, birds, animals – all are equal in the world of 3D animation. Every living creature can easily become the main character of an animated video. People all over the world will recognize the cute rabbit from Nesquik ads, ready to play with friends at any moment.

Medicines in animated videos

Pharmaceuticals are used in almost all commercials that advertise drugs. Fancy pills, hero sprays, etc. fight colds and any other illness, depending on the situation.

Titles when creating advertising animation

These can be: trademarks, names of firms and companies, brands and models of products and other names. Icons, words or geometric shapes move, change color, flash, disappear – everything is used to create advertising animation. Animation of this kind provides good visualization and a high percentage of recognition in the future.

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Doodle style in 3D commercials

Doodle style usually means “Drawing hand” … There is always an element of surprise here, the viewer does not know what exactly the hand will draw in the next second, gradually waiting for the end.

Infographics in animated commercials

Infographics in terms of animation performance, there are two types – simple and complex. Simple is limited to unpretentious images that help the narrator “explain” a complex story. adaptation using pictures. Another type of infographic is a gorgeous image that also goes in sync with the narrative.

Squigglevision in advertising animation creation

“Squigglevision” – a patented animation method based on continuous oscillation of contours. This technique is comparatively simple (and at the same time original), its prime example can be found in RedBull commercials.

Modern technology of advertising animation video allows to fulfill any request with high quality. Specialists KLONA they will gladly and enthusiastically help you create three-dimensional and hand-drawn advertising animation at any level, and if necessary, they will do everything from scratch. We have a clear understanding of how to do animated ads so that it turns out to be much more effective and above all expectations.