Promotional video creation

Storytelling has become a trend in the last 5 years - these are small stories that can influence people's feelings. The client, having seen an advertisement in this style, will perceive it more emotionally and will definitely remember it.

Why do you need a commercial?

Shooting a promotional video Is the creation of videos for further interactions between the company and the audience using the visual range.

Human perceives the world visually therefore advertising rollers so effective … And if in the process of creating a promotional video you add high quality sound and fascinating plot , then success your ad campaign guaranteed

Promotional videos hosted on popular TV channels and video hosting to attract attention consumers to brand, product or stock , in addition, the rollers can have social message … Unlike television, making promotional video for internet gives a number of advantages in the form information about reviews, ratings and statistics Representatives companies using this data research target audience (age or geography of residence) and predict conversion

The price for creating commercials depends on:

  • terms of work;
  • duration of the video;
  • the number of script concepts and storyboards;
  • the scale of the filming process.


Marketing research for shooting a promotional video

Determined image target audience : age, geography of residence, financial condition and basic needs. Based on the results, list of resources to host roller.

Promotional video script

Experts carry out preparatory work : Search ideas and ways its embodiment … Even the most intriguing scenario won’t work without good text or high-quality visualization

The trend of the last 5 years has become storytelling Are small stories that are capable of influence people’s feelings. The client, having seen an advertisement in this style, more emotionally her perceive and necessarily will remember

Storyboard for creating a commercial

Scenario sketch saves time and effort, and most importantly allows you to quickly deposit adjustments to the shooting process … A little rehearsal always improves the quality of the video … This method is used by studios, both for small projects and for large ones.

Advertising video production

Planned filming schedule , well-chosen specialists and cast bring the idea to life. Duration and price filming process depends only from opportunities customer company
For production viral video you can additionally think over the details, follow the popular Internet memes. And combine them into a video that will collect the maximum number of views.

Post-processing for a custom ad video

Mounting , color correction, computer graphics , spectacular soundtrack make video more impressive

production of commercials
creating videos for advertising
development of commercials


Shooting a commercial video

The purpose of such videos to demonstrate potential buyer product with the most attractive side , and increase awareness and trust in the brand

Company Robinson , for example, stands out from competitors attachment to family and friendship … The warm feelings that their video evokes, stimulate to choose juice of this particular company instead of hundreds of similar brands.

High-budget advertising video production

Brands with long-term history and huge sales volume ready invest in advertising not only the soul, but also substantial sums

Among the most expensive projects in the history of advertising was CHANEL video # 5 … Shooting commercial duration in 4 minutes cost 44 million dollars. The video was directed by Baz Luhrmann who worked on films Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet … The costumes were created by myself Karl Lagerfeld … The main role was played by Nicole Kidman who received for shooting 4 million dollars.

Production of advertising video for the social sphere

The purpose of these videos popularization public organizations and foundations who are engaged socially important projects – charity, environmental protection, the fight against poverty, racism and gender oppression. Very often with similar calls are made and commercial companies: Dove, Always or Lifebuoy.

Shooting a promotional video for political agitation

Rollers in support of candidates and parties increasingly become the basis of campaigning companies around the world. This is especially noticeable in the election race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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