Creating viral videos

The duration and price of filming viral videos depend only on the wishes and capabilities of the customer. It can be a simple script and light animation or thoughtful intrigue and stellar actors.

Making a viral video Is shooting videos for spreading via the Internet thanks to voluntary posting by users on their pages, as well as using the function “ share with a friend “

This type of advertising is used by companies to boost sales and brand image … After all, when a friend or acquaintance shares information about a product, then trust in such products will be several times higher.

The price for creating a viral video depends on:

  • the number of scenario concepts;
  • features of shooting and elaboration of characters;
  • duration of the video;
  • the timing of the work.

Order production of viral videos from specialists by KLONA. Price: from 10 thousand hryvnia. Term: from 7 days.


Marketing research to create a viral video

Determined the target audience , her needs and desires. Compiled list of main distribution channels , is being developed duration and the message video.

Viral video script

He must be creative and disclose an advertising offer. Indeed, without a powerful advertising impulse, the video will lose its meaning, even if the company attracts famous personalities to create it.

Creating a viral video

Duration and price shooting viral videos depend only on desires and opportunities customer … It could be simple scenario and light animation or thoughtful intrigue and star actors.

Logistic company FedEx creates successful videos with 90s last century. They are laconic, ironic and very good. position irreplaceable companies.

development of viral videos
viral videos to order
production of viral videos


Target audience for filming viral videos

You need to start from audience … Her image , values and life priorities … Ads Nike Football “Stays Winner” fully meets the requirements of its target audience. It is bright, memorable, dynamic, and most importantly, world football stars participate in it. Therefore, he typed 98.4 million views.

Shoot a viral video: duration

It is believed that a viral ad should not last longer than a minute. It is a myth. Video duration determined idea , plot and heroes , this is what attracts users.

Shop 2ndStreet published an ad in which he played the story of an ordinary family … The table tells her, he remembers everything he saw – joy, care, tears and sadness. Years passed, and he became too small for such an already large family, but nevertheless he promises to continue to serve regularly and take care of her. A properly selected composition squeezes out a nostalgic tear from the user and makes you remember your loved ones.

Production of viral videos: emotions

This is the main factor that gets people to share the video. Joy, delight, nostalgia, sadness, rage – this defines a wish user to push on the button Share.

FedEx in 2005 she shot a video where she focused on 10 ingredients for a successful video , among them – a famous person, an animal, a small child, an attractive woman and a popular song. It’s been 10 years since the video was released, but criteria do not lose their relevance

Viral commercials: famous personalities

Recognizability and popularity are the main criteria for the success of a video. Everyone is pleased see your idol in advertising. Confidence to the product rises , a views only increase at the expense of fans. Thus, the target audience much expands

Making viral videos: animals

Everyone loves animals. Videos with cats , became chanterelles and owls the basis of the pastime in the Internet. So why not use them to create a viral video? Advertising Budwiser “Friends Are Waiting” confirmed the effectiveness of the method, collecting more 19.5 million views.

Viral videos to order: melody

Easy motive , funny text and simple graphics too success criteria … Viral video script “DumbWays2Die” from the Metro became winner of the Cannes Lions. And the social a message to protect your life viewed more 139 million times.

Order viral video: combo

By creating viral script roller can unite all popular criteria : Internet memes, cute children, animals, popular music.

Custom viral video: placement

Posting process carefully planned , for this we use popular communities, blogs and resources … You need to act especially quickly in the first few days and unwind the growing wave of popularity.

Order the creation of a viral video at KLONA

And millions will talk about your product.