Character animation

To make an animated character professionally, it is advisable to remember the strong influence of action and emotion: it is important that they complement each other harmoniously.

Make an animation character – means “Revive” using a variety of means and techniques for a specific purpose

Animated characters have become an integral part of various spheres of modern life, they are successfully used in:

  • advertising, branding, marketing promotions, etc .;
  • industry of computer games, various screensavers, interfaces;
  • film industry and animation;
  • science and medicine;
  • fashion industry and many others.

“Animated” heroes contain huge amount of information … That’s why professionally created cartoon character all the functions assigned to it (sell, advertise, demonstrate, attract, remember well, teach and others) will be performed with brilliance.


Character animation cost depends on the following factors:

  • the number of concepts;
  • the amount of edits;
  • character detail;
  • terms of project implementation.

The cost of developing an animated character is from 4 thousand hryvnia. For more information, contact KLONA. We will calculate the exact price based on your requirements.


Steve Roberts, animator with twenty years of experience , in his book Developing Skills for 2D and 3D Character Animation, writes: think easier and try not to complicate anything. ” If you need to make a high-quality animation of a character, the author advises you to pay attention to research: if the character is playing basketball, it is worth buying a couple of tickets and watching the game.

Regardless of the type algorithm for creating an animated character in KLONA has the following sequence:

  1. Idea – always plays the role of a “starting point” for the beginning of the animation process. It can be an interesting idea, a separate part of the plot, with the help of which a character, sketches, type, whatever is drawn.
  2. Scenario is needed in order to formulate and stipulate the actions that will occur with the character, to understand that he should be able to, how to look, what main message carry to the viewer.
  3. After that, the fun begins – the designer draws sketch (sketch), carefully thinks over the details and facial expressions of a bright character, “doomed” to provoke a lot of positive emotions and stay in memory for a very long time. The sketch can be done both digitally and on paper with a pencil.
  4. After the client views and approves the sketch, a 3D character model taking into account all the nuances and wishes.
  5. After this, it is the turn of the very animations … Animators bring all the characters to life and set all scenes in the project into action.
  6. The final step is to add audio tracks , effects, if necessary, announcer voices, musical backgrounds, as well mounting all sound options and frames in one animation clip.
  7. Adoption words of gratitude from happy clients who watched the process and approved the stages of character animation.


To professionally make an animation character , it is advisable to remember the strong influence actions and emotions : it is important that they complement each other harmoniously. Today there are many different animation techniques, let’s look at the most popular ones.

  1. Classic – for one frame there is an alternating change of pictures, each of which is drawn separately.
  2. Dollhouse – objects are fixed in space, moved, fixed again.
  3. Color – allows you to create animation of the character by changing colors, not objects and their position.
  4. Sprite animation (using modern technology and programming language) and 3D , which creates character animation using special programs based on scene rendering.
  5. Capturing motion – one of the newest, based on the principle of operation of sensors that are fixed on the human body and record movements. Later, the information received is digitized and used for the most accurate and realistic animation.


At the dawn of animation, Walt Disney used an actor to make an animated character, who played scenes of the cartoon, after which individual frames were drawn directly on the filmed tape. The method got a tasty name Eclair and forever remained the property of the animation history along with the famous 12 basic principles of animation from Disney

Those distant times are left behind, and modern science offers its own ways the most realistic creation of an animated character … A few years ago, scientists from France, Great Britain and Germany announced studies of the movements of the human tongue using magnetic articulography. As part of the project, they used MRI data from the jaws. As a result – simple scheme using research for 3D animation in the BVH standard, which will redefine the process of creating character animation.

The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems thought about what to do if you need to animate a character that is far from painful thinness in terms of its characteristics. They have created a new technology that will allow you to accurately convey the vibration of soft tissues on the body of an animated character, as well as make it thinner or thicker in order to achieve a comic effect.

We keep abreast of new products in order to improve and fulfill orders even better. Using any available technology, KLONA will quickly make animation character , taking into account the wishes of the client at each stage of creation, and will certainly analyze its effectiveness by the method of a survey. A cool cartoon character will make life brighter, a brand more recognizable, always more efficient will attract attention than a static image. And most importantly, it will easily and naturally “convey” a lot of necessary information to the consumer.