Creation of a 3D character for a company

The use of corporate characters in the corporate style makes the perception of the company emotional, increases brand awareness and its competitiveness. The character of the created 3D character will be associated in the mind of the consumer with the values of the company.

Development of a corporate character: benefits for the company

3D character creation and the main character of the company – one of the most effective advertising moves. The character will become part of the corporate identity, will embody company image in the eyes of the target audience, will create a stable association with the product. Simulate corporate character during advertising campaigns (long-term and seasonal).

Coca-Cola Company so skillfully picked up the image of the winter campaign in the 1930s , which influenced the formation of one of the favorite images of children – Santa claus … Painter Haddon Sandblom turned his good-natured grandfather in the signature colors of Coca-Cola. Marketers did not miss the opportunity to use the situation to develop the brand, and now every New Year you can see red trucks and hear the song “Oblizhaєatsya sacred”.



Use of corporate characters in corporate identity makes the perception of the company emotional , increases brand awareness and competitiveness … The character of the created 3D character will be associated in the mind of the consumer with the values of the company.

Contests and competitions

Especially popular are mascots and symbols of competitions … The creation of a corporate character of the world championships turns into a national epic with contests and voting for the best concept. One of the first was Leo Willie – the mascot of the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

In the development of a corporate character try to display unique features country. South Africa introduced in 2010 leopard Zakumi , and Brazil in 2014 – the armadillo Fuleco , which reflected another global trend – environmental education … His name includes a part of “eco”, as well as the main character trait – love and care for nature.

Social programs and services.

Boring texts and long motivational speeches are poorly perceived in society, especially among children. Modeling 3D characters simplifies the task. They are cute and more friendly. than people in formal suits. The main thing is that they more efficient

Police Dog McGraff Created by the Advertising Council for the National Council for the Prevention of Crime in the United States. He communicates with children through radio commercials, songs and booklets, talking about drugs, bullies, safety and importance of schooling … There are about 700 McGraff houses with its emblem indicating that it is safe haven for children feeling in danger.

Computer techologies

3D character creation is especially popular in animation and games … The latest trend was maximum realism of emotions and kinetics heroes.


Preparation of technical specifications

At this stage an idea is given, usually it is verbal (text) description or rough draft character image, key technical points are also discussed.

Market research, competitors and consumers

Experience is analyzed and information is collected about similar projects from all over the world, to develop a unique character concept … The target audience is highlighted, this will help to determine the color scheme for the hero and the features of his character.

Search for references

Collecting information about character anatomy and kinetics and analysis of colors and textures

Development of 5 design concepts

The artist creates visual character having only a description on hand, he must work it out in more detail. To begin with, KLONA specialists draw 5 sketches of how the character should look.

Refinement of the selected concept

After the customer has approved the best option, the artist prepares additional character images : different types body position , phases of movement, facial expressions … All this material will help create 3d model character.


Final drawing of the character’s features, a set of textures is created to pass model properties, the environment scene is being developed – the character fits into the company logo.


  • the number of concepts to be developed;
  • character detail;
  • the amount of edits for the selected concept;
  • the number of renders that need to be done in the end;
  • terms of project implementation.

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