Today, 3d modeling services are in demand in absolutely all areas – from medicine to animation. The computational capabilities of computers and the skilled hands of specialists are able to create a form of any complexity, with as many small details as the customer needs. For example, cases for gadgets, small parts for their “stuffing”, or larger objects – a model of a car or a building.

Why this new method of prototyping has become so popular and where it can be applied will be discussed in the article.

What is 3d modeling

The development of a 3d model is the process of creating a three-dimensional object on a plane (monitor screen) using special programs. The task of the modeler is to accurately convey the shape of an object or creature, taking into account the geometry, texture, lighting, position of the virtual camera and options for its displacement.

The measure of the complexity of the task of creating a custom-made 3d model is the price. It is not enough just to imagine the shape of an object. You need to be able to calculate it, create it taking into account all the nuances, and this is a rather laborious and painstaking process. Moreover, if we are talking about industrial or, say, medical modeling. In such cases, it is completely justified not to rack your brains over tutorials. It is much easier and more efficient to order 3d modeling.

What is 3d modeling

The creation of a 3d model by order in the end should not only give a reliable picture, but also ensure that such an object can exist in reality and perform its functions.

For example, if we are talking about case for some device , it is important to know the characteristics of the material from which it will be made later.

Let’s say a specialist is faced with a task: creating a 3d model of buildings. The customer wants to present the most reliable “picture” to future buyers, conduct a virtual tour, show his creation from the inside and outside. Or, for example, provide a project to investors in order to obtain funding. This means that it is necessary with the help of programs to create buildings that are not only visually attractive, but also functional. Consider wall thicknesses and loads on supporting elements to scale.

Why such difficulties? When it comes to industrial design and custom-made 3D models, production is often the next stage – seal or mold making a similar object. This is where the level of skill of the modeler becomes visible: a beautiful, but completely “unviable” object is an indicator of good taste, but not understanding of the requirements in the industrial sector. The craftsmen of the KLONA design studio know how to combine aesthetics and functionality in one piece.

Production of 3d model to order

The level of professionalism determines the cost of 3d modeling, but the result definitely deserves the price mentioned.

How to create a 3d model to order

There are many ways to create 3D images using computer programs. And the faster technology advances, the more new methods are invented.

An interesting fact: the first 3d images that were obtained on a plane were not really three-dimensional. The sense of form was created by superimposing several identical pictures of different colors on top of each other. To see the volume, it was necessary to use a special device – polarizing glasses with colored lenses.

The methods of creating a 3d model that are used today are polygonal, spline, CAD prototyping, 3d sculpting. Each of the options also applies 3d modeling from photography

How to create a 3d model to order

Development of custom-made 3d models using polygonal modeling is the creation of a three-dimensional object of any complexity using polygons (3d mesh elements). Basically, a polygon is a square or rhombus whose vertices and edges can be moved. When these elements are displaced and distorted, the shape of the future model is created.

In the industry and entertainment industry, high-poly modeling is generally used. That is, the number of mesh elements that can be deformed is the maximum. This creation of an object takes place in several stages:

  • creating a shape using low polygons (a coarse mesh allows you to create a rough shape, a blank);
  • refinement using middle polygons (the grid squares are now smaller, and you can create some details on the base stock);
  • elaboration of details using high polygons (the smallest polygons allow you to achieve the required shape with all the necessary elements).

After the object modeled , it still needs to be slightly “modified with a file” – textured, sent to render, in order to achieve smoothing of the corners and the necessary smoothness of the lines. Considering how laborious such a development of 3d models is, the price is usually appropriate. You should not look for where they will agree to do a lot of work for a penny. Low cost usually corresponds to the same quality level.

Development of 3d models

3D sculpting is essentially very similar to polygon modeling. In a sense, this is his “direct descendant”. The essence of the method is that the polygon mesh is deformed using special brushes, which makes the process resemble modeling from plasticine or clay. Only on the screen. And without the feel of the material under your fingers.

Visualization of 3d models using the spline method – creating a model using flexible lines. This is a great technique for creating organic shapes – people, plants, and other relatively smooth objects. However, after obtaining the required shape, the object is often converted to a polygonal mesh to refine small details.

Rendering of 3d models

Industrial modeling, also known as CAD (Computer-Aided Design), is most applicable in industry. If you plan to order a 3d model not only aesthetic, but also functional, this is the most suitable technology. The program takes into account both form and structure. That is, the material from which the final sample is made.

The features of this method are as follows:

  1. First, CAD allows you to create an object automatically when you enter parameters. The modeler does not need to manually create each notch of the gear. You can simply set the diameter, the number and length of teeth, the thickness of the product, and the program will recreate the layout according to the entered data.
  2. Secondly, the models are not hollow. Using any of the above techniques, the technician creates an empty wireframe. CAD creates a solid shape made of a specific material. In the process, you can adjust its thickness, taking into account the characteristics of this substance.

For example, in medicine, when modeling orthopedic structures, the program itself suggests the optimal thickness of the material in each section of the crown. This helps to create the most durable product.

  1. Third, you can create complex structures (for example, collapsible cases for gadgets), working with surface modeling. Each surface and its shape is created individually and then combined using smooth or hard transitions.
Industrial Simulation

At the same time, the product does not need additional rendering. The program allows you to create the necessary smooth shapes, overhangs and undercuts in the way that it should look already on a milled or printed product

Although the method looks simple, it actually requires painstaking work and an understanding of many factors. Therefore, for such 3d modeling, the price is set quite high. But at the same time, it is reasonable, since the final three-dimensional prototype can be used for streaming production (buckets, cases, souvenir figurines, in short – anything).

3d modeling: price

Why 3d prototyping is the best option

If everything is so complicated – why even consider making 3d models to order? This is a great question that gives me a reason to talk about all the benefits of this prototyping method.

  1. The design of 3d models as a result gives not just a picture, but also a ready-made template for manufacturing using 3d printing or milling.
  2. The development of 3d models implies high accuracy. When it comes to small details that must subsequently interact with each other, the creation of three-dimensional prototypes using special programs will allow you to calculate dimensions down to microns.
  3. Making 3d models even without subsequent implementation will find application. For example, the ability to “turn” a table in the catalog of an online store will give the client more information about the object and may well influence the purchase decision.

Product drawing is still used in industry. However, most industries are moving towards choosing 3D object creation as an accurate and reliable option. KLONA industrial design studio specializes in designing 3d models to order.

3d prototyping

If you want to do well – do it with the pros

Creating 3D objects is not an easy task. It is not enough to have a tool at hand, you need to know how to use it. It is equally important to have special spatial thinking and the ability to recreate a picture from your head on a monitor screen. And if the technology can be mastered, then without skills and perception, the process of creating a prototype will take a lot of time and effort.

For yourself, of course, you can try and learn. Modeling 3d is a fascinating topic that can become as meditative as plasticine sculpting. But if a model is needed for a business, it is better to entrust this business to professionals. How much does it cost to make a 3d model, ask us, the KLONA design studio. Write, and we will advise and offer solutions to the problem.