Development of packaging design

Properly designed packaging will be able to “explain” as succinctly as possible why this particular product is more beautiful and more ergonomic than all the others. To interest, attract, surprise, delight a customer, packaging can be done in different ways - from the original drawing to an unusual shape.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of a good product packaging design … In most cases, the saying that “they are greeted by their clothes” is true, because packaging design is the first thing that the buyer will appreciate, still not knowing anything about the product and its characteristics.

Properly designed packaging will be able to “explain” as succinctly as possible why this particular product is more beautiful and more ergonomic than all the others. Interest , attract, surprise, delight the buyer, packaging can different ways – starting with the original drawing and ending with an unusual shape.

Product packaging design has a wide range of possibilities

  • With its help you can make the product very successful and profitable
  • He can inform about the characteristics of the goods, composition, manufacturer, etc.
  • Inspire potential buyer with the help aesthetic component , also a design function.
  • Interestingly designed packaging makes it possible to compete and represents the company on the market, develops recognizability

The price of creating a package design depends on:

  • the selected printing technology;
  • materials;
  • the size of the label;
  • time constraints.

Stages of creating a packaging design

  1. Monitoring market needs to be done before developing the design itself. This is an analytical study of the competitive base, fashion trends, consumer segment and the first stage of product design development.
  2. Concept creation in several versions (the texture, logo, texture, etc. are discussed). The specialists also work with the reverse packaging model at this stage.
  3. Refinement and improvement of the selected concept.
  4. Customer approval of the developed design after choosing a certain concept.
  5. Preparation to print implies the improvement of original layouts, control over the printing process of the first print run.
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Before ordering a development, look into the future: will it be popular in a year or two? Product packaging design is currently developing in two main directions – ergonomics and environmental friendliness. Perhaps the distant future will unite these wonderful qualities.

Ergonomics in product packaging design

Judging by global design trends, all paths lead to improving ergonomics … Science and the market are guided in their inventions to achieve maximum consumer comfort.

Therefore, if the packaging can be used for some other additional purpose, this is only a plus. There are many illustrative examples: a seed bag with two compartments (one for the husk), accordion-style sandwiches (to make it easier to hold and eat), a popcorn bag that becomes a bowl for the same popcorn when needed. The packaging of the future is based primarily on convenience and aesthetics.

Sustainability in the development of packaging design

Before ordering a product packaging design, pay attention to its environmental friendliness … The development of this type of design is now very relevant and has great prospects in the near future.

For example, the Swedish company Tomorrow Machine recently created original and sustainable packaging for basmati rice, which caused a wide response. The design was based on soft colored beeswax. The printing ink was developed from soybeans. Despite the uniqueness, the appearance of the packaging has not suffered (everything looks very nice), and removing it is no more difficult than peeling an orange.

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The second life of the product after changing the packaging design

Development of packaging design not always associated with the release of a new product, perhaps there is need to replace already existing. For example, the company has expanded and will release several product lines, the design can be modified or a new one can be created. Or you need to “stimulate” the reaction of buyers to the product without completely changing the design, but simply adding interesting information or attractive images.

If needed save the product that for various reasons lingered on the shelves, then the redesign is the last chance for this. Often the design change is provoked by the struggle with parasitic marketing

If the packaging design has been successfully changed, this will surely give the product second life … The creators of the world-famous Captain Morgan rum have released a limited edition in a bottle that resembles a pumpkin. The unexpected new design was perfect for Halloween celebrations, campfire gatherings, or just meeting old friends.

History in packaging design

At the heart of the development of packaging design there is always some history … And then, whether the buyer will understand it, directly depends on the developers. Each unique story can be limited by emotion, hint, association, message, or mood.

It all depends on what necessary transfer to the buyer and looking for which product packaging design is being developed. The creators of the packaging for the Madame Quoi bakery were inspired by the story of Henrietta Caio, who shot and killed the editor of the newspaper Figaro (who organized the “persecution” of her husband, a famous politician). As a result, the design is feminine and rage, highlighted by the color scheme and the execution of the bakery’s signature packaging.

Today package design products are at such a stage of development that it completely predetermines success and fate of the product … What happens if you order a service from us? Experienced specialists study the market, offer different design concepts, implement any of them at a high level, control the first batch of printing. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail in order to provide the product with a great success , to the customer company – a good reputation and minimize the loss of nerve cells and time for all sides of the packaging design process.