The main trend of modern technology is speed. Now all the efforts of the developers are aimed at saving as much of our time as possible, especially concerning household chores. This is how the “Smart Home” systems were born, which allow using a smartphone to turn on the lights, draw up curtains and pick up relaxing music after a long day at work.

Development of modules for a smart home

Specificity of the “smart home” system in the Ukrainian market

There are three ways to create a smart home:

Smart home system

move into a house with a built-in system;

Building a smart home system

order an individual set of your favorite systems from development companies;

Building a smart home

create a “smart home” system on your own.

Pricing policy of ready-made systems from development companies

Home Intelligence has become multifunctional. Today, such a system can be ordered for $ 4,000-5,000 (for example, for $ 4,000 a company Smarton can supply a system for a three-room apartment). With the advent of Wi-Fi, installation just got easier. Accordingly, the price has decreased – if you use wireless technologies, then you can invest in $ 2,000, – the developers say. Smarton

But at the same time MiMiSmart states that at first only an approximate amount can be given. The final cost of development is determined after discussing all the necessary functions, drawing up a complete Terms of Reference (TOR), designing and determining the composition of the equipment.

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Prospects for the development of the “Smart Homes” sphere

According to the developers’ forecasts, wires will give way to wireless systems in the near future, which will significantly reduce the cost of creating “smart homes”. This means that the service of developing a “smart home” will soon become available to a larger audience, which means it will become very popular in the Ukrainian market.

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Smart home solutions and most popular features

How many companies – so many functions (that is, a lot). The smart home system allows you to automate anything you want, reducing hourly operations to one click. KLONA singles out the most popular smart home programs from those ordered by consumers.

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Light control

electronics housing design smart home

Intelligent light can be used both for energy saving purposes and for interior decoration. The light control system includes:

  • lighting control by a motion sensor, as well as using classic switches;
  • lighting control from smartphones or touch panels;
  • a program for automatically changing light compositions that simulates the presence of the owners of the house (helps scare off potential burglars);
  • light scenes for creating interior decoration;
  • automatic switching on and off the light by timer;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • remote lighting control;
  • remote disconnection of sockets.

Security system

electronics housing design smart home

Even armored doors do not provide as much confidence in home protection as smart security systems. By installing the system gsm house , You can:

  • receive SMS notifications when the alarm is “installed / removed”;
  • receive a photo from a video surveillance camera on the phone when the alarm detects suspicious movement near the house;
  • view video from cameras in “online” mode;
  • block all doors in the house by a timer, from a smartphone or from a bedside switch;
  • set the alarm even while in the house.


smart home design

Multiroom – a godsend for music lovers. The device allows:

  • automatically turn on music by timer or motion sensor;
  • control music from smartphones or using voice commands throughout the house;
  • set up playlists for each room separately.

Temperature regulation

Smart home equipment

If during the heating season the air in the home is much drier than the body needs, or it is not possible to regulate the temperature of the batteries, the “smart home” system provides temperature regulation … With this system you can:

  • Manage the networked climate control system;
  • Automatically or manually control heating devices;
  • Save energy consumption;
  • Switch on economy mode in case of a long absence.

Do you like the system? You can order a smart home project we have

Developers of the “smart home” system in Ukraine: examples of a smart home

The market of services for the installation of a “smart home” system in Ukraine is quite multifaceted, and therefore it is difficult to give a specific description of what the developers mean by the “smart home” service. Some companies offer their own developments in the field of the Internet of Things, while others select the optimal combination of devices from different companies. Also, the Ukrainian consumer can purchase a ready-made “smart home” with built-in system modules during construction. Or just go to the site like “Sockets” and in the “Smart Home” section choose what your heart desires.


Smart home system installation

A company whose priority is the design of a smart home. We have created a “smart home” system for a residential complex. The company also developed a smart home project for Obolon Residences and Tetris Hall.
Work specifics:

  • the system is based on their own engineering and IT solutions;
  • industrial freely programmable controllers;
  • own software, multi-interfaces and cloud service;
  • protected IP networks with Internet access.


smart home system installation

A company specializing in the supply and installation of complex systems aimed at protecting goods. They order goods in China, the USA and the Netherlands.

Work specifics:

  • install systems to protect goods from theft;
  • install visitor counting systems;
  • install video surveillance and video control systems for cash transactions;
  • install Smart Home systems.


smart home system installation

A company that implements the design and installation of engineering automation systems for the “Smart Home” for buildings of any type.

Work specifics:

  • develop projects of “Smart Home” systems based on AMX and Lutron;
  • create automatic light control;
  • develop a project and install home theaters of Hi-Fi and Hi-End class;
  • design and install Multiroom systems;
  • design and install video surveillance systems.


smart home system installation

A company specializing in the sale of security alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems. An additional function is the installation of a smart home system.

Work specifics:

  • sell and install CCTV cameras;
  • sell and install elements of burglar alarm systems of our own production.

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Examples of smart home in Ukraine

Tetris Hall

 Examples of smart home in Ukraine

One of the most popular projects of an engineering company “Gravity” … A “smart home” module is connected to each apartment, which consists of a video surveillance system, climate control and energy resources, a climate control system, a multiroom and lighting control. Now you don’t have to heat the apartment if there is no one in it. You can turn on the heating remotely by installing the application on your smartphone. Also, if you wish, you can supplement the package of universal functions of the “smart home” with your own.

Vlasna apartment

 Examples of smart home in Ukraine

“Vlasna apartment” – these are two houses with 32 apartments. The residential complex is also equipped with all engineering systems and multimedia equipment. There is no gas in this house – everything works on electric convectors and boilers. But how ergonomic is it in our country?

Obolon Residences

Examples of smart home in Ukraine

“Residence Obolon” belongs to the category of premium homes. The electronics system of the residential complex is provided by a Ukrainian engineering company “Gravity” … Upon entering, the resident will have access to an IP intercom, which will send notifications to a phone or tablet.

Einstein concept house

 Examples of smart home in Ukraine

This smart home development was created by the company KDD Engineering and is designed for 28 apartments. Thanks to this system, you can save up to 40% of energy resources. Also in the house, you can remotely control radiators, turn off and turn on electrical appliances in the house. There is a centralized multimedia system. True, the project is still at the development stage.

Can you create a smart home system yourself?

Despite the abundance of companies in this area, many enthusiasts develop and install a smart home system on their own. “Any home can be smart. It all depends on the owner’s budget and skills, ”says the product manager. ESET Sergey Kuznetsov.

In fact, now almost any technique is available to ordinary users, therefore, with a strong desire, you can create your own smart home system, which over time can grow into your own brand. Next, we look at several stages through which you can get closer to creating a smart home.

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создать систему «умный дом» самому


Creation of boards for a smart home. Smart home controller

You can develop a controller on platforms like Arduino … It will take a lot of time to develop modules for a smart home in this way, but then you will accurately assess the result.

To make it easier to create, we can develop 3D model of the device or his Industrial Design For you.

industrial device design

Housing design for electronics smart home

Based on the results of a survey conducted Evo Business , 93% of shoppers make a decision based on the appearance of the product, and another 85% prioritize color. Therefore, you should study the target audience of the product, the wishes of the customers and, of course, the trends in the global technology market.

For example, KLONA studied all the wishes of customers when creating a control panel for the “smart home” system:

The design of the control panel for the "smart home" system

Have you long planned to create a system that will serve the good of humanity? The “Smart building” niche is waiting for new people! If you have ideas, we can create a prototype of a smart home system, test it, and then put it into production. Let’s create together a product that every tech hunter will want in his home.

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